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Can't Mirror To Roku Streaming Stick, Can Mirror to Express

I recently bought a new Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3800RW, build 4091-55 9.1.0). I bought a Roku Express a few months back and I am able to mirror to that. I am unable to mirror to the new Streaming Stick.

Details: I'm on a Windows 10 PC. The Roku Express in another room works exactly as expected when trying to mirror from my laptop. The laptop connects and I'm able to mirror my screen. When I try the exact same thing in the other room with the Streaming Stick, Windows gives me the generic error that it is unable to connect to this device. No prompt is shown on the Roku that a device is trying to connect to it. The screen does very quickly flash black a few times, but nothing very noticeable and it has no side effects.

Since I am able to mirror with a different Roku device with the same laptop, I'm fairly certain this issue is not originating from my laptop. I've tried support chat, and of course they aren't able to give any guidance besides "verify it is on the same network" and "contact Microsoft support". I'm sure it's on the same network, on the same band (2.4GHz).

I've went through other threads, and verified the settings appear to be the same on both devices. This issue is different from others, because I've seemingly narrowed it down to the Roku device, and not the laptop. I've already factory reset the Roku, which did not resolve this issue. Any help or troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Can't Mirror To Roku Streaming Stick, Can Mirror to Express

Similar problem but I stumbled across one specific situation that worked. I have to connect ROKU and WIN10 to my 5ghz wifi network and set the ROKU device to PROMPT then mirroring works but may take several connect attempts. Guess you can only try that if you have 5ghz wifi network on your router.  Good luck.

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