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Can I play movies on my hard drive stream stick plus?

My current tv is about 10 years old and has a USB port but tv can only play music and view photos.  I was hoping I could use the Roku stick to play my movies on my hard drive.

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Re: Can I play movies on my hard drive stream stick plus?

The only Roku player with a USB port that can connect a hard drive is the Ultra. Also, the new Express 4K/4K+ players will accept a USB adapter through their power port. So those are the only current Roku  player models that you could use for that. 

However, be aware that Roku players only support a handful of codecs and containers, so if your media isn't in a supported container, and/or if they use a unsupported video or audio codec, then you won't be able to play them. But there is another solution. You can install a media server on a computer that is on your home network, and stream the media from that server to any Roku player or TV. If the media is unsupported, the server will convert (transcode) it into playable content. There are a number of servers you can use, all for free. Plex and Emby both have channels you can install on your Roku, and it gives you a user interface that is similar to Netflix or other online providers. You can also use a basic DLNA server and use the Roku Media Player that is available in the Roku channel store. With DLNA you might have better control over how your media is handled. But using Plex or Emby is probably the ones that need the least user knowledge to install and use.


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