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CRACKLY sound ROKU Premiere

For a few months I was very happy with my ROKU but that feeling is rapidly disappearing... 

NOTHING has changed where and how I use my ROKU, no new TV no new adapters, cables..nothing.. 

All the sudden my ROKU started to shut itself off for no apparent reason... no signal, nothing,,,just goes BLANK.

Then, yet a new problem appeared ... the sound is all crackly and choppy... I switch to any of my other streaming devices and NO problem so it is definitely the ROKU. High quality HDMI cable (the same one that has been in use for over 1 year with this unit)

Did the routine troubleshooting, HDMI, HDMI port... not much else.. I have not touched anything.. it was "working" one day (minus the random shutting itself off in the middle of streaming) ... and then the problem started 

To add to my disappointment I came to the ROKU Official website to realize they have no Customer Service/ Technical support ?? Really? When support is needed "they" send you to ask the "Community" tasking the user to navigate through hundreds of topics/posts until a "match" to the occurring problem is found?

Wow,,, pretty bad..... Very disappointed with my experience so far..


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Re: CRACKLY sound ROKU Premiere

We have the same crackly sound on our Premier+. Started just after Christmas, 2019, nothing fixes it. Isolated the problem to the Roku.

At first, it only happened on some Youtube videos. Now it's everything. I hesitate to get another one, until Roku figures out what the heck is going on. 

Our Roku is maybe 3 years old, never any problem before.

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Re: CRACKLY sound ROKU Premiere

Try turning off volume leveling using the * button during playback. Worked for me. 

Found the solution posted by @Spiralstar 

Audio popping/crackling & lip sync issue