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Buffering and speed-to-server error msgs

I have been using a ROKU 2 connected via ethernet cable to my home router. It has been serving me well until I began having remote > ROKU problems. Assuming that the unit needed to be retired, I installed a new Express. Since it has no ethernet provisions, it is connected to my LAN. Now I am experiencing "buffering" delays as well as "speed-to-server" issues. My old ROKU 2 triggered neither of these issues. Via trial and error, I have discovered that my problem with the old unit was really a failing remote. To furthur test theory, I reinstalled the ROKU 2 and am now getting "buffering" issues and blurry picture, neither were there before. I've tested my download speed, I stream only standard HD quality (no 4K). I only have a simple home network with 2 PCs and the ROKU coming from my router. I am a not a techie, my home is small, I use Windows 10. Anyone have any suggestions for me, please?

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