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Brand new Stick+ crashes constantly

I just acquired a Roku Stick+ 2 weeks ago. This is not my first roku device. I have a roku stick that works without issue, I've owned that stick for ~4 years. 

My issue is that when I try to use the stick the screen goes black and roku reboots itself. It does this no matter which channel I use, although this happens faster with some channels than others. I can stream Roku channel content for an hour sometimes and other times it won't last 10 minutes with the exact same Live TV channel. When I try to stream netflix it freezes and reboots within 30 seconds most of the time, with 2 minutes being the longest I can watch anything. Sling TV works for 2 hours one day, then the next it cannot even play for more than 2 minutes.

The roku stick+ is powered directly from the wall adapter. It is plugged into a TV hdmi port that I have tested with my other roku stick. I'm at a lost and ready to send it back for a refund. 


I have tried restarting it both through the menu and unplugging it for 10 minutes. I have also done a factory reset. I have tried it on another TV. Nothing has worked. 

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Re: Brand new Stick+ crashes constantly

Have you tried the power adapter from the working stick on the problem stick?

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