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Both Roku's Return to Home Page

Both of my roku's are returning to the home page after 20-30 minutes.   I've had ATT out here twice - no issues.  I've checked updates, reinstalled the roku, reinstalled the channels. ..  What's the deal?
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Re: Both Roku's Return to Home Page

Hi there, 

Thanks for the note here. It's hard to say what may be occurring. I have a few more questions to try and better understand what you are seeing: 

1. What channel(s) and what content are you watching on your Roku device when you observe it returning the home screen? 
2. Does this issue only occur when you are watching that/those channels? 
3. Have you tried: 1. Removing the affected channel from the Roku home screen, 2. Restarting your Roku device completely, then 3. Adding the channel back once more and streaming again? 
4. Have you tried connecting your device to a different wireless network and streaming to see if you encounter the same issue? 

If that still isn't clearing things up, the last step we would recommend would be to perform a factory reset on your Roku device. This will clear all data, channels, and login information from the device, and allow you to set it up again from scratch. You can see the steps for that here:

Please keep us posted from there! 

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