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Level 7

Black screen for 10 seconds, sound still playing

Im having issues where my screen flickers black for a bit but the sound keeps playing. 

i have tried the hdmi cable it came with, i have tried a different hdmi cable, i have tried unplugging the power cable waiting a minute then plugging it back in, i have tried uninstalling all the channels qnd restarting the roku player and then reinstalling the channels, and i have also done a factory reset and the issues keep happening. 

ive had this player for about two weeks now and it was working great! Up until yesterday... 


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Level 7

Re: Black screen for 10 seconds, sound still playing

Hi, I too am having trouble with Plutotv playing through Roku Streaming stick+.  I can hear the channel but have a black screen.   Has anyone found a solution?!?  Plutotv is the Only App having this issue on my Roku Streaming Stick+.  Please let me know how to fix this

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