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Level 7

Black Screen with sound

My Roku Express keeps making my tv screen go black but the sound is still there. My last roku did that also but it was a cheaper one. Is there any way to fix this? We have to turn the tv off and back on for it to work again but it always goes black shortly after we start watching something again.

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Level 19

Re: Black Screen with sound

@NicoleCodie9394  Thanks for the note here. This type of issue is typically caused by a bad or loose HDMI connection on with the player or the TV, or a faulty HDMI cable. This may also indicate an issue with your power supply. We'd recommend a few things here: 

- Try connecting your Roku device to a different HDMI port on your TV. Also try swapping the ends of your HDMI cable.

- Replace the HDMI cable in use with a new one. 

- Make sure you are poering your device using the included wall power adapter and not your TV's USB port. If you are already using the wall power supply, try using a different micro-USB power cable and wall power adapter, such as one from a mobile phone. 

That should help clear up the issue you're running into. Keep us posted from there! 




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Level 8

Re: Black Screen with sound

If it suddenly stops to work without touching anything, it is certainly not the cable....

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