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Black Screen on Roku OS 9.4.0 build 4174-46

I have similar issue since yesterday's update to  The Roku starting showing black screen even after unplug power and plugging power back on. Performed a full reset which works to have something show on screen until after the setup procedure step where it is detecting my TV. This is where the screen turns black, I can hear the remote sounds, and at times I get the static screen briefly or a full no hdmi device detected. This is with my Streaming Stick+ plugged into soundbar. When I plug directly into TV, the Streaming Stick+ works. There seems to be some video auto detect issue for me. I would like to have this fixed to connect the Roku to my soundbar for better audio options (Atmos).

Roku model 3810X - Streaming Stick+
Device ID - 2139AD878399
SW ver -
Serial # - YHOODP878399

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Level 7

Re: Black Screen on Roku OS 9.4.0 build 4174-46

same issue on my soundbar.  not sure what to do. sending back to ROKU for a refund I guess since it will not work on my TV but every other device on it works perfect. I was so hoping it wouldn't suck... and it does.

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