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BBC IPlayer subtitles out of sync/delayed



I’ve just bought a Roku streaming stick +. I watch with subtitles on but I’m not deaf. On most channels the subtitles are perfectly in sync with the audio, but on BBC IPlayer the subtitles are about 2 seconds behind the audio. It makes it very hard to watch without turning the subtitles off, but I’ve become so used to having them I’d rather have them on.

It only seems to happen with BBC IPlayer, and it doesn’t happen on BBC IPlayer on any of my other devices, so it’s something Roku specific.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or have any ideas of a workaround. I’ve tried changing the display mode, the subtitle settings, uninstalling and reinstalling the IPlayer channel.

IPlayer version: 3.4 build 91000074.
Roku model 3810EU
Roku software version: 9.3.0 build 4194-50



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Level 7

Re: BBC IPlayer subtitles out of sync/delayed

I can confirm we are having the same issue with watching the BBC iPlayer on the Roku.  The subtitles have out of sync for a while and keep hoping for an update to fix it.