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Autodetect Display ***new*** feature

Last night I had an issue with video not displaying (Ultra 2020 - AVR - 4K Projector) I could see menus, (YouTube RV, Netflix, Prime, VUDU, etc) but when I selected what I wanted to watch the sound would stream but no video. After rebooting all hardware I got a postage stamp sized video feed.

I tried settings / display type and saw the subject of this post. When choosing Autodetect the parameters did NOT have a green check nor a red X - instead now I get purple lower case i's on all tests. It "passes" the test and gives me the does it look OK? prompt.

What's up with the purple i's ?

After running the autodetect I got my video feeds back but there is a lag of a few seconds before the video feed starts.

TIA for any insights...

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