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Audio volume is very low 9.4.0

I have two Roku devices: Roku 3 & Roku Ultra.  Both have version 9.4.0 builds 4200-04 and 4200-29 respectively.  The volume on both devices is dramatically lower than it used to be and lower than other devices attached to the same television or amplifier.  I am using the audio through the HDMI cable and have not made any changes to the audio settings in either Roku.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: Audio volume is very low 9.4.0

i have the same issues with a new Roku express - 

my new Roku express audio level is very low. in the settings i enabled the HIGH selection. but it is still very low compared to my cable box. i use it with my TV EARS wireless head set, and it is unusable. is there any way to increase the Roku audio out beyond the settings menu?