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Audio/video speeds up for first few seconds then levels off

So I have a sharp roku 4k tv model LC-50LBU591U and a Roku premier +. Both do the same thing for some reason. Up until a couple months ago both had the infamous no connection issue. And even till this day my premier + still has connection issues. But a major update went out in recent months that fixed the connection issue at least on the tv and somewhat on the premier +. But what it introduced is kind of an annoying issue. 

when you load up pretty much any video on any streaming platform, YouTube for example, the first 5-10 seconds of the video is super fast forwarded and the audio sounds like a chipmunk and then it catches up and plays at normal speed. I mean I will take this over restarting the roku, re checking up non existent updates and disconnecting and reconnecting and having a 1 in 4 chance of that actually fixing the WiFi stopping issues. I have a nice AC connection that you can get over 100mbps 2 doors down for crying out loud, it’s not the WiFi’s fault. There’s been some weird issues with roku lately and I know I’m not alone, this whole forum is filled with people having similar issues. But this fast forward voice thing I haven’t been able to find. I can live with it a lot better than no WiFi connection but I’m just posting here in hopes of roku engineers do something to fix the issue. 

Roku engineers if you read this, or if a PR person reads this, please send it down the line.... a year ago the rokus never had an issue. Whatever state the code was then, was perfect, at least for me, but since end of last year some updates were rolled out and it totally butchered the roku experience. Thanks and good night everyone. 

oh and P.S. checking for app updates, system updates, system restart, unplugging doesn’t fix this fast forward voice thing.