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Audio sync issues with soundbar

I have been very impressed with my TCL roku tv (65R615) for the first 6+ months of ownership, so much that I bought a second one after I broke the screen on my old one.  I recently purchased a soundbar (polk magnifi mini) to better enjoy movies/tv.  I set it up using hdmi ARC and it was pretty easy to set up.  After about 30-45 min of watching I started to notice some lip sync issues.  I asked my wife if she noticed it so and she also said it seemed a bit off.  I turned on and off the soundbar and it seemed to resolve a bit...until about 30 minutes later again.  It now seems that the sync issues come and go (unfortunately more off then on) and its driving my crazy.  Forget about trying to play a video game, it seems to be even more off.  It seems I am not the only issue with sync issues when it comes to a soundbar with roku tvs.  

Is there any way to set the video to a delay so that it matches up with the audio?  Has anyone been able to fix this?  I really do not want to return the soundbar that is amazing and I certainly don’t want to have to return the TV either as I think its great.  But these sync issues really ruin the experience of the TV and I don’t see any fixes for this issue yet.  I have already contacted the soundbar company who gave me some ways to fix/reset the soundbar but everything is still exactly the same unfortunately. 

Please help me out with this issue.  Thank you.