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Audio sync issues on Express+

Hey everyone, happy holidays!

I’ve been having some audio sync issues with my Roku Express+ for some time now. On certain channels, including Prime, HBOMax, CuriosityStream, audio and lipsync are about a second off. The issue is happily absent on Netflix and Youtube. I’ve looked through many posts with possible solutions, but nothing seems to do the trick. I’ve tried the following...

  1. Restart the device

  2. Unplug and replug all wires

  3. Disconnect the wifi, reconnect

  4. Delete and reinstall the troubled apps

  5. Go to audio settings and make sure it’s on stereo

  6. Turned off audio leveling during streaming

  7. Reset the catch by doing a reboot (Press the Home button 5 times, Press the UP arrow once, Press the rewind << button twice, Press the fast forward >> button twice)

If you have any advice I’d be very grateful! 

Note: We have an older speaker system (though it never had issues when we used a traditional Bluray player)

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