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Audio quality is bad and doesnt work correctly

I have a Roku TV 7140x serial #: YN00G0934724 using only the built in tv speakers. I have been having issues with audio since I bought this. Sometimes the audio won't sync with the visual so I couldn't use the volume mode. Now for the last 2 weeks I cannot hear ANYTHING aside from the menu buttons unless I change the volume mode to leveling. Even if it is already set to that I would have to turn it off then turn it back to leveling if I switched apps or even fast forwarded or rewinded while watching otherwise I would not hear anything. Now today I still have the same problem but the sound is horribly staticky. All settings are set to auto in the main setting pages and nothing happened to the tv it's in brand new condition. Suffice it to say I'm extremely annoyed that a tv less than a year old has given me this many problems. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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