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Audio latency on Roku express

I have a Roku express plugged into a Visio TV. I continue to have audio video sync issues. I have searched for solutions for this audio issue pretty extensively and all the “fixes” I have found for getting the audio to sync with visuals are temporary. One of the 5 fixes listed on the community boards may work one day, but not the next time the issue occurs. When is Roku going to just do an update for this issue? Thanks.

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Re: Audio latency on Roku express

Audio latency can have several sources/causes, ergo several fixes is requisite.  There is no "one fix" because there is no "one cause".

Not sure what "5 community fixes" you are referring to, or what you tried (you didnt specifically mention what you tried, and you have no other posts).

1) CEC caused: 

The most effective "fix" is to power everything (Roku/TV/AVR/Soundbar/etc) off completely and unplug them all from AC for 10-15 minutes, then power them on in the following order:

     A) AVR/Soundbar fully on.

     B) TV fully on.

     C) Devices connected to AVR/Soundbar fully on.

     D) Devices connected to TV fully on.

2) App/content caused:

    A) Pause, Play again

    B)  RW, Play again

    C) Reload app

3) Roku configuration caused:

     A) Switch Settings/Audio/HDMI to "Auto passthrough" instead of "Auto detect" (model specific)

     B) Switch Settings/Audio/HDMI to PCM-Stereo

     C) Disable all Volume modes/Sound Settings (press Options (*) during playback)

     D)  Restart Roku:  Settings/System/System restart/Restart

4) TV/AVR/other device configuration caused:

Go into the Audio and or CEC settings in your TV/Display/Projector/AVR/Soundbar and disable all Audio latency handling (enable "bypass"); conversely enable it and appropriately configure it, depending on your specific HT setup configuration - Restart and unplug all equipment from AC after making changes.