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Audio lag and will not connect to iplayer

Hi  My Roku (I think Premiere) connected to a Sony has been fine for a couple of years but yesterday I moved the broadband router to a different position in the house to try to gain better wi fi reception in other rooms. Bad move...

I seem to have upset something as the router was too far from the Roku to pick up a signal so I moved it all back to the original spot and now I cannot access iplayer as it says loading for the 15mins before my patience runs out. Also I have speech lag on anything viewed viewed through the Roku. Broadcasts through the television via aerial are fine. UK based.

Can anyone shed any light please?  Many thanks

Level 7

BBC iPlayer not loading - Roku Express 3900EU

Some advice please:


For the last three days my Roku Express 3900EU is not loading BBC iPlayer.  It has always worked perfectly before. I have deleted the channel and re-loaded (several times).  I have forced a start on the Roku device.  My software is fully updated etc.  All other channels are working fine (e.g. Amazon prime video, NOWTV  etc )


The 3900EU is a supported device at 


Thank you

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Re: BBC iPlayer not loading - Roku Express 3900EU

Fixed it.  The solution:

Having deleted the iPlayer app I tried to open BBC Sport and BBC News.  Neither would load.  So I deleted BBC Sport and News,  so no BBC apps were on the Roku device.

Then I re-installed the BBC iPlayer.  And it works ...

Something in one of the BBC Apps was causing the loading of all the Apps to be blocked.

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