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Level 7

Audio files cut off first second?

I did a search for this issue and see some similar, but nothing with a solution if it exists.

Brand new Roku ultra. I installed Plex and went to play audio files in my library. When a song starts, the first second of the song gets cut off.

mist of my music is Flac, no I tried with some MP3 that were in my library and same thing.

I then installed the Roku Media Player and same situation with any music files.

I access Plex through my Apple TV, played same files and they play normally.

Is there a setting I should check, or solution to this? Other than the first part of every song getting cut, it sounds fine. It’s just annoying.

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Level 8

Re: Audio files cut off first second?

I have the same problem. It worked well in the past; but sometime this year every track started playing one or two seconds past the beginning of the music.

I'm just playing random FLAC files from USB. 

This is definitely annoying; a fix would be nice. I'm considering removing and reinstalling  RMP.

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