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Audio drops

After about 20 minutes viewing time on Netflix and Hulu, the audio cuts out for about 3-5 seconds, picture is fine.

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Level 19

Re: Audio drops


Thanks for reaching out to let us know about the issue you're experiencing. A few more questions here to help clarify the steps you've taken and the behavior you're seeing: 

- Have you tried replacing the HDMI cable used to connect the Roku device to your TV? 

- Have you tried connecting the device to a different HDMI port on the TV? 

- Does this issue occur in any other channels on your device, or is it just occurring in Netflix and Hulu? Could you please provide an example content title in each channel that you've been watching when you observe the loss of audio?

- During playback inside a streaming channel, when audio is lost during playback, does audio return on its own after a few seconds? 

- During playback inside a channel, press the * key on your remote. A menu will open on the lefthand side of the screen. Look for the option that says 'Volume mode' - Is this set to Leveling, Night, or 'Off' when you observe the audio drop out? 

- Does changing the setting for Volume Mode to 'Off' resolve the issue?

With more information, we can continue looking into this issue and assisting you. 




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