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Audio dropping intermittently after system update

I am having an issue with the audio intermittently dropping out.
We bought a Roku TCL 55" TV Model 55US57-W
The TV seemed to work fine, then after a automatic TV system update on July 17, 2018 the audio began dropping out intermittently. Usually 2-5 seconds at a time. Sometimes in rapid succession. Other times, the period in between can be several minutes to a few hours before the audio starts to drop in and out.
Setup: Highspeed internet (not satellite), HD Antenna, Firestick attached via HDMI, DVD Player (old) attached via old school audio/video inputs/outputs, roku remote that came with TCL roku Tv - also occasionally use android remote app.
We use Netflix and various other apps on the TV, the antenna for local channels, and the firestick for Amazon content. The DVD is used for obvious purposes.
The audio issue is absolutely a problem with the TV and/or system update. The antenna connection, the various HDMI connected devices, and the dated DVD player that uses the audio/video connections ALL intermittently drop the audio when connected to this TV. This doesn't happen when each device is routed through another TV (different make/model) with the SAME cables. The apps such as Netflix, Vudu, etc. also work perfectly on the other tv connected to the same router/ISP.
In addition, we can run the same content on the same app (Netflix) or Antenna on the other tv AT THE SAME TIME and the audio only drops on the TCL Roku Tv.

Any ideas?
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