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Level 9

Audio dropouts (1 or 2 seconds) every 45 mins to hour on Roku Premiere+ with Vizio TV

So weird issue.  I've seen some related audio issues but not really the same.

Watching Netflix or Disney+ or Amazon Prime or Hulu, probably all apps, the audio drops briefly and then comes right back. 

This happens far enough apart to make it annoying but not close enough together to make it easy to troubleshoot.  I have many Roku devices (all connected to Vizio TVs) and am not sure if it happens on other Roku boxes, but on my Roku Premiere+ with a new Vizio PX75-G1 while streaming it just drops to silence and them comes right back.  No TV flicker or anything else noticeable.

I swapped HDMI cables with another device that works well and saw no improvement.  I do not have any other connections that it goes through, just Roku direct to the TV and use the TV audio.  All set with auto detect.  Software has updated a few times and I still see no change.

It was tough last night watching Hamilton, that singing goes by fast and I could miss several words in the song at least 4 times while watching.

Anyone got something similar?

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Level 7

Re: Audio dropouts (1 or 2 seconds) every 45 mins to hour on Roku Premiere+ with Vizio TV

My audio drops out as well but it happens with every channel on my roku and instead of 1 or 2 secs it drops until I decides to come back on. However, I figured out on my roku remote, when the audio drops out I can hit the (*) symbol on the remote go down to volume and change I to leveled or night orev en off and the sound will come back on and then put it back on whatever setting it was on and it'll work fine until it happens again and you just repeat the steps. 

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Level 9

Re: Audio dropouts (1 or 2 seconds) every 45 mins to hour on Roku Premiere+ with Vizio TV

I don't have a problem with continuous outages of audio, just drops away for a word or two of dialogue/music and then right back.

Seems like a HDMI copy protection glitch.  Something just goes haywire and then figures itself out.  Very short, 30 minutes or more apart.  Happens on any service (Netflix, Prime, Hulu...)

Wondering if there is a premium HDMI cable that keeps the audio synced better.  I also get a glitch when opening a service and the picture quality is mostly blue.  I can see everything but it is blue hue.  Going back to home and then entering again usually fixes things.

Both of these things are an irritation at best.  TV is brand new Vizio.


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