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Audio cuts out. Using express through 2012 LG tv speakers set to stereo

The device worked fine on the first day of set up, although I had to modify the audio settings and reset the roku once before getting sound. Now I can get sound through apps sometimes when I start up the device, and sometimes no sound. Audio settings on tv and roku have not been changed (both set to stereo, and I do not have any external sound components). When I do get sound it only lasts from between 30 seconds to maybe 15 minutes, and then cuts out while video continues to play. TV model 24MA31D. Roku express is 2018 or 19 model. same thing happened with the amazon fire stick i tried, but it worked for 2 weeks before encountering same issues


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Re: Audio cuts out. Using express through 2012 LG tv speakers set to stereo

If it happens with every feed you give it. It must be the TV.

I like LG as a Brand I've had luck with a couple of their appliances in the past and an old phone I liked.

But DooD 2012 is ancient in todays terms.

Roku Ultra ---Ethernet rules---

From now on if people dont upvote me and do as I say I will consider holding my breath and selling my Roku's.
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