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Audio and video out of sync

I have a Roku Ultra (4662x). When I play "on demand" vs live, I always get audio and video out of sync. I notice the video is first, with lagging audio afterwards. Once again, this is only with "on demand" services like Britbox, Tubi, etc.


I have factory reset, only to have the issue a few days later again. I have also rebooted the unit. Either way, I paid a premium price to be wired, for better speeds and picture/resolution and then have a/v sync issues.


Not a happy camper! 


Live works fine, like Sling and Pluto TV, Stirr, etc.


How do we get this fixed? I cannot keep setting up channels every few days. It's not realistic.

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Level 9

Re: Audio and video out of sync

Ok, it appears that Roku does not care, via no replies or acknowledgments. Been just short of a week now. I pay for a higher priced model, which should get phone support, but Roku is not doing any phone support. Wow! Class act Roku!

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Re: Audio and video out of sync

Go into an App/Channel, during playback do the following: 

  • Press * 
  • Scroll to Volume Mode
  • Select OFF by scrolling right