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Audio and Video out of sync after upgrading to OS 9.3

After updating to OS 9.3, application's audio and video DRM stream have become out of sync.

When I run the app on devices which work under the OS 9.3 (Roku Premiere+ 4630X, Roku Streaming Stick 3800x and Roku Ultra 4660x), I am able to reproduce the out of sync. After 4~5 minutes out of sync is visible, and the audio stream goes ahead of video stream.
On the other side, when I run the app on devices which work under OS 9.2 (Roku Streaming Stick 3810X and Roku Ultra 4670X) everything works fine, audio and video stream are synchronized.

The app uses DRM protected stream, widevine - dash format.

I've tried to change "auto-adjust-refresh-rate" settings (recommended for similar out of sync issues), but without success - the issue is reproducible regardless if auto-adjustment is enabled or disabled.
Also changing monitors, hdmi cables didn't help.
On the other side the issue is not reproducible for the Netflix app, so I would say that it's not device related.

I've also analyzed stream via Roku stream tester tool against Roku Ultra 4660X (OS 9.3) and Roku Streaming Stick 3810X (OS 9.2) and compared results (I've used the same internet connection).
Beside the fact that streams are synchronized on the Stick model, only difference I noticed is a stream bit rate  - while for the Ultra model it's constant (128 kbps), on the Stick model it varies between 400 kbps (when the stream start) and 4800 kbps (almost all the time) - due to that the Ultra pulls stream for 720p resolution and the Stick pulls 1080 stream

Could it be that the issue is related to the DRM changes which comes with OS 9.3?


Level 10

Re: Audio and Video out of sync after upgrading to OS 9.3

I have seen audio sync issue with soundbar on 9.3 while 9.2 was fine. 9.3 50ms delay.


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Level 7

Re: Audio and Video out of sync after upgrading to OS 9.3

I am experiencing the same problem on my Roku Streaming Stick 3800X. I'm not actually sure if it occurred before the upgrade to OS 9.3, as I have had sporadic problems with the audio & video being out of sync for some time. I have sometimes been able to solve the problem by resetting my cable modem & router, and then restarting the Roku.

However, recently, this has not solved the problem, and it seems to be common to multiple streaming apps, including Youtube TV and the anything on Roku TV.

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