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Audio and PC Connection to Roku (hearing issues)

My Connect Option bottom right windows 10 desktop allows current screen to be Displayed/heard on my Roku. This then turns off the audio of PC but heard On TV connected to Roku which is fine. 
My need is for it to also be heard on my headphones but doesn't seem to allow. Just that family like sound  through tv quite low but my hearing needs the headphones in PC to improve the audio. SO IDEALLY THEY HAVE TV AUDIO AND IM ON HEADPHONES AS ITS STREAMING FROM PC TO ROKU WHICH IS CONNECTED TO TV.
Is this possible in windows 10 settings?. 
Seemed to have tried everything.
As its a tablet PC i only have the audio out 3.5 Jack connection so a little constrained.
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Re: Audio and PC Connection to Roku (hearing issues)

If you want to switch it from not using the TV back to using the mini-jack (while still using the TV as a display), that is easy:

Go to Settings -> System -> Sound

Then under "Choose your output device" change the drop down from Digital Output back to Speakers.

If you want it coming out of both at the same time, you will probably need to get "Stereo Mix" recording driver working and configured to replay audio to the speaker to also go to the Digital Output playback device.  How you go about doing that is very involved.  There may also be some latency to the audio as it is transmitted over Miracast.  The result might be that the TV plays a split second after the headphone which might be an undesirable echo effect.
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