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Audio - Roku not listening

We have been having audio issues with our LG tv and Roku for at least the past 6 months. The sound has been cutting out with YouTube, Netflix and Plex. Most of the time to the point that we have had to restart the stick in order to get the sound back. It just so happens that this tv is the one that we use most frequently. We have other Rokus (sticks and Roku 3) that we've tried with this tv that have the same issue. We even went so far as to reformat one of the sticks along with other tips we've researched to see if that would correct the issue, to no avail. I have tried the stick on a different tv and the issue is still there, though not as severe or frequent as on the LG. I find it really interesting that Roku now has a new soundbar that they are offering. Coincidence? No such thing in my opinion. I have replaced our stick on our LG tv with the new Chromecast with Google TV. The new Chromecast is a far superior product. I plan to replace the other Rokus in the house when funds allow with the new Chromecast. I've seen similar audio issues posted throughout the internet and it appears that Roku doesn't care because no solution has been offered from them. I used to be a die hard Roku fan. Not any more.

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