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Audio Problem with Certain Channels Using Auvio Sound Bar

I have had my Roku Ultra for more than a year.  It is working great with a Samsung TV and Auvio sound bar.  However, only certain channels can communicate with the Auvio sound bar.

Works with sound bar:      Netflix, Hulu, YouTube

Doesn't work:                     HBO MAX, Roku Channel

When I try to play a selection from the second group of channels, the sound bar gives a loud static sound and then occasional static after that.  Otherwise, silence.  The movie plays on video, but no sound.

I had this problem previously with a new Blu-Ray player I just bought a few months ago.  I was able to resolve it by changing the encoding type setting on the Blu-Ray.  I changed the Dolby Audio setting from Bitstream to PCM and the DTS/DTS-HD setting from PCM to Bitstream. Sound started working great through the sound bar.

Any ideas?  This seems so strange that different channels would use different encoding schemes.


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