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Level 7

Audio Drop-outs with Roku Premiere+ / v9.0

This was also a problem with v7.5.1 (  This has started up again with the same problem now with v9.0.

The HDMI connection with the receiver will drop out for a fraction of a second.  The audio doesn't play briefly and the display of the receiver flickers briefly indicating that the HDMI audio connection dropped/changed briefly.  This happens maybe every 10 minutes or so, apparently randomly.

This seems to occur when a new software revision comes out.  It was completely problem free except for versions v7.5.1 and now with v9.0.  Can this be addressed (again)?
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Level 12

Re: Audio Drop-outs with Roku Premiere+ / v9.0

I'm not seeing that behavior on my P+ v9.  I'd suggest rebooting it, for starters, and try a different HDMI cable.
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