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Audio Drop Outs Firmware 8.0 & Ultra

Audio DropOuts (Again) with firmware 8.0     Everything was fine until this upgrade was pushed to my Ultra a few weeks ago.  Now, when watching Netflix, I get audio drops about once every ten seconds.  I'm connected via HDMI to an Integra DSX-3.    The reason I say again is that in earlier 2017 I was having this problem until around 7.7 was released.  

All was working fine with this setup until 8.0 and all is working fine with this exact setup now and my Nvidia Shield.  
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Re: Audio Drop Outs Firmware 8.0 & Ultra

I'm also having audio dropouts with an Ultra on FW 8.0.  I bought the Ultra in mid Dec. 2017 after FW 8.0 was already released, so the problem's been there since initial install.  I feel mildly better knowing the problem didn't exist in an earlier firmware version because that indicates the problem could be fixed in a later update and isn't baked into the hardware.  It would be great if someone from Roku could acknowledge they're aware of the issue and are working on a fix.
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