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Audio Delay on Golfpass Application

Hi all,

I've just bought a Roku Express specifically to watch through the Golfpass app.

However whilst when I start watching something the audio and video are in sync, within a few seconds they are out of sync and the sound is ahead of the video.

As per some of the other threads in here I've changed the sound settings to Stereo and PCM but this doesn't seem to fix it and the same thing happens.

When I press the * in the Golfpass app there doesn't seem to be anything relating to sound that I can change.

I have tried different HDMI ports, cables etc.

I have reset my router and nothing has made a difference.

Are there any other settings in the Roku I can try please?

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Level 7

Re: Audio Delay on Golfpass Application

Same thing, I have two other Roku that are more expensive and they work.  WHAT IS UP ROKU!!!  FIX YOUR **bleep** PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   GOLFPASS DOES NOT STREAM PROPERLY, VOICE GETS WAY OUT OF WHACK, RESET EVERYTHING OVER AND OVER, DOWNLOAD APP OVER AND OVER....

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