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Audio Delay 2017 Streaming stick (5.1 mainly)

Hey guys,
I recently purchased a 2017 Streaming stick for my bedroom setup.  For the most part, operation is fine with the exception of a slight audio delay on DD+ content.  (Netflix, VUDU, etc)

I want to be clear and state that this doesn't seem to be a lipsync issue, but rather a delay before audio starts playing probably between 1 to 3 seconds.

My setup is a 48" Full HD Sony TV
a Vizio SB3651-e6 sound bar
a RocketFish HDMI switch to add more ports to the sound bar's HDMI input.

Stick is connected to port 1 on the switch, An Apple TV is connected to port 3 and a sony BDP-S6700 is connected to port 2, and the switch's input port is connected to the sound bar's audio in, and the sound bar's output is connected to the TV.  By switching to the desired device allows each connected device to have both a direct HDMI audio / video connection.

The sound bar can receive DD, DD+, DTS and PCM.  As long as the HDMI input is used, DD+ and PCM 5.1 are supported.  Through optical / ARC, or digital coaxial DD, DTS, and stereo PCM are supported.

I have a premiere+ on the living room setup with the same sound bar, but in this case the ROKU goes through the TV, and out optical.  Since this TV processes DD+ internally and sends out as Standard DD 5.1, no audio delay.

The DD light turns on when the stick starts playing something on Netflix, and then the sound starts after that cutting off at least a second of content.

Solutions such as Plex  do not seem to be affected.

One more clarification, I have two sound bar systems .  One for each TV, so the above comparison was for the respective setup, and the sound bar connected to each.

Any help would be appreciated, this seems to be a software issue, as the ROKU is the only device with this issue.  The audio seems to stay in sync once playback is started, the delay is mainly at play start only.
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