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Atmos audio dropouts

Is the BT2020 attained via 4K 60fps as well as the HDR auto setting?  My setup is a(n) JVC projector that supports BT2020, but not full HDR.  Typically have to convert HDR to SDR BT2020 on my Oppo 203 to get the best picture quality.

BT2020 setting on projector with 4K 60fps runs a little warm on the color space and the "Cinema REC709" color space looks very de-saturated. 

Also noticed with this new unit, I can only get Atmos to work with AppleTV+ and Disney+.  Netflix and Amazon only give me 5.1 audio via auto-passthrough.  Auto Detect makes everything Atmos, but also creates perpetual audio dropouts. 

Thanks in advance for any insight....thinking I may have to go through Oppo 203 to get overall desired result.

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Level 7

Re: New Roku Ultra 4800R Dolby Vision issues so far

Figured out color space issue.  Unfortunately, stuck with a BT2020/REC709 hybrid due to projector.  Interesting side note, audio would not convert Atmos, etc when going through Oppo 203.  Had to go direct into receiver to get Atmos....but can still only get Atmos on AppleTV+ and Disney+.

Only 5.1 with Netflix/Amazon.

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