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Amazon prime app version 11.2 not saving progress

I have a roku express that is a couple of years old. In terms of saving progress there has always been a problem with NowTV not saving progress intermittently.

I noticed yesterday that the Amazon Prime app has been updated to 11.2 build 2020051517. I played episode two of season three of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. At the end of episode 2, when going back to what should be the next episode, it keeps prompting to play episode 2 as the next episode again.

When this goes wrong on NowTV, at least fast-forwarding to the end of the episode again will usually fix the problem but the updated Amazon Prime app steadfastly refuses to load up episode three no matter how many times I attempt to fast-forward to the end of episode two.

Has anyone else had similar problems with Amazon prime shows on Roku Express or Roku devices?

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Level 8

Re: Amazon prime app version 11.2 not saving progress

Yes! Since the update for Prime video that has profiles, progress is not saved after watching an episode. Once I watch a TV episode, it goes back (I have auto advance off) to episode list but at the same episode. It does NOT mark the episode I just watched as "watched." Very annoying. If I click OK when the next episode prompt at the episode (comes up for maybe a second), it will advance and mark current episode as watched. NOT HELPFUL! When an episode is watched, it should be marked as watched.

Note: it's on all my Rokus so it's apparently the update. I dislike having to remember my own progress on a series.