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Amazon Prime does not play on Express + for the past 2 weeks

About 2 weeks ago Amazon Prime ceased to start properly on Express +.    Roku system is current (per manual check under system/settings.   Amazon Prime was deleted and reinstalled.   Express + device was reset and rebooted several times.  Other channels work fine (for example, Netflix, Acorn, Roku).  We have been  using this device successfully with all channels for over a year now, including Amazon with the exception of the sporadic issues noted below.

For the past 6 months or so Amazon prime has been subject to sporadic outages (at least 2) that the Roku folks seem to have fixed, in some case I believe, by backing out and fixing system updates (inferred from comments on the support threads).  The symptoms were that although Amazon Prime would load, it would not stream video, just audio.

This time it's different.  Now the only thing the Roku Express + will do is launch Amazon Prime, but it can't get past the welcome Amazon "smiley face".  Just the Amazon Prime logo in white on a black screen.   If you wait several minutes, the screen flashes and seems to resize itself, but still just presents the Amazon Prime welcome logo.   If you hit the enter button, or the back button, or an arrow button, all that happens is that the screen flashes and comes back to the logo.   Eventually, when one is tired of this, hitting Home gets back to the Roku home main menu from which you can pick any other channel, which all work fine.  Connection is from Express + via RGB.  When it last worked OK about 2 weeks ago, the next screen should be "pick a user" and then on to the main screen.   Can't even get to "pick a user" now.

If any Roku people are monitoring this, these problems with Amazon Prime are really getting old.   Really old.   It seems that every time Roku or Amazon updates its stuff, the service breaks.  Not sure why only Amazon has the problem.  First is was several thrashes of audio but no video, now it is essentially a dead screen.   And it usually takes at least a week for the Roku people to even admit there is a problem, and another few days to fix it.   And before you waste your time, no, Amazon's customer service does not admit that it is their problem.   They simply say to contact Roku.

Please fix.


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