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Amazon App buffering frequently issues

I have 2 older Roku Express devices. About 6-8 months ago only when using the Amazon Video app I get frequent interruptions (on both devices!) to the point where it will stop the video sometimes 2-3 times during an episode. This is only on the Amazon video app and only via the Roku. It doesn't happen with Netflix or Hulu on the Rokus and it doesn't happen on other devices I have that use Amazon. I have also experienced audio lagging where it doesn't match up to the video but again only with the Amazon app and only with the Roku.

I have tried multiple times in various ways with no improvement:

1) restarting the app

2) restarting the device

3) restarting the wifi

4)deleting the app and reinstalling it. 

I like Roku and have no other issues with the devices, but Amazon is one of the main apps I use and it cannot be used without frustration in two of my locations now, due to this issue. If I am going to purchase another device I am leaning away from Roku based on this issue as I don't want to deal with this again. 

Of course I would prefer to be able to just continue to use the devices I have because there isn't anything else wrong with them.  


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Re: Amazon App buffering frequently issues

Amazon has been having issues with other devices as well. I not certain it's specific to Roku. This is more severe than I've seen on other devices, however.

When you removed the channel, did you reboot the Roku before reinstalling it? That is mandatory, and if not completed the removal was not completed. Since you have more than one Roku, make sure it is removed from all (this will happen once you remove it from the first), then reboot them all before reinstalling again.


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