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After years, suddenly a long delay switching from CableTV to Roku on my Sony amplifier

I bought the Roku Premiere + a couple of years ago for its 4K-ness, and I have a 4K Sony receiver which has the Roku, Comcast box, and a 4K Sony blu-ray player plugged into 3 of the receiver's HTML inputs. The receiver outputs to a projector, so this is a simple HTML-mux configuration.  The input to the Roku is a hard-wired ethernet cable to my router, where I constantly get hundreds of MB/sec on ethernet speed tests. A month or two ago, a strange phenomenon began, where I would switch between the Comcast and Roku, and ... no picture would show up for 10s of seconds and sometimes a full minute. I could switch the receiver back to Comcast, or between the Roku and blu-ray player, and there would be the usual few-second delay. The only combination with the "disease" is from Comcast to Roku. I thought it might have something to do with my Logitech Harmony device, but I can do the switching manually from the front of the receiver console and observe the same effect. The only thing I can think of that has changed is the auto-update of the Roku software. I have been all over the Roku setup but nothing helps. I am at the point where I just may go out and buy the Roku Ultra.  Anybody got any ideas?

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