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Level 7

9.4 update breaks AAC 5.1 audio

Has anyone else noticed that the new 9.4 update breaks any video with AAC 5.1 audio? On 9.3 Plex would transcode the audio to stereo but that’s not happening on 9.4 now, meaning you can’t hear any dialogue. I reverted to 9.3 using the secret menu and the issue was fixed instantly. Is there a fix possible for this?  

Level 8

Re: 9.4 update breaks AAC 5.1 audio

This appears to be happening on the Google Play app too. 

Videos recorded in stereo play fine, those in 5.1 behave as you described.

Level 8

Re: 9.4 update breaks AAC 5.1 audio

Thank you for posting this info about reverting back to a previous stable version of the software. I had the same issue with some movies played from a usb drive not having any audio, but not all movies and I suspected it was related to the most recent update. Your secret menu info solved the issue for me. Hopefully it's corrected in the next update.

Level 7

Re: 9.4 update breaks AAC 5.1 audio

Thanks for this! This is the first I've heard of the secret menu but I came here looking for a fix for this very problem.

Hope there's a fix released for this soon, but thanks again in the meantime!

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