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9.3.0 finally fixes longstanding sound issue on TCL Roku TV

My 2017 TCL 28" Roku TV and my 2018 TCL 32" Roku TV have long had an annoying sound output problem when listening on headphones. At various times (generally when sound is playing on center channel), the center channel will start playing in a side channel. Everything is audible, but the stereo mix is suddenly a mess. Sometimes this will fix itself, sometimes not. The problem happens whether you are listening through the headphone jack, or even if you put the sound through the Roku phone app and listen through the phone's headphone connection. This happens in Netflix, Prime and even OTA.

Stopping streaming, backing up slightly, and restarting the stream will often temporarily fix the issue, but it'll come back the next time the stereo mix is mostly in the center channel.

The good news is this seems to have been fixed in 9.3.0. Dunno if anyone else was bedeviled by this, but it's gone at last. Yay.

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Re: 9.3.0 finally fixes longstanding sound issue on TCL Roku TV

It's refreshing to hear about something that was actually FIXED in 9.3.
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