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55” hisense Roku Tv picture, daylight glare! Thinking about soundbar

Hello, new to forum, we have had a Roku 3 streaming box for ages and have just bought a 55” hisense TV which was really cheap in uk, in a dark room it brilliant, great picture and with the new Roku TV app, who could ask for more? But when it’s daylight the glare we are getting on the screen is really bad! My LG tv is no where near as bad and I am considering buying another Roku box and using the LG instead.. question is what one to go for? I see there is one now built into a sound bar and this is the option I would like to go but on uk Roku site it is not available yet? Also there is no Ultra streaming box available either, which are available on Amazon ? Would like to with Ethernet cable as my house Is wired up for it, Bit confused as to what is the most up to date units in the UK as I see you can buy a larger sound bar in US.. sorry if this isn’t making sense as I’m confusing myself now 😜



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