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5.1 audio not working on new streaming stick

I had a (Roku) streaming stick that played 5.1 audio just fine. However, it would occasionally get am error message about overheating so I replaced it with a streaming stick +. The new (Roku) streaming stick +, which is connected the exact same way as the old one, will only play stereo audio. The little 5.1 icon that typically appears on Netflix titles is missing too. Does the new streaming stick + not support 5.1 or what am I missing here? I’ve tried changing audio settings on the new (Roku) but that didn’t help. All settings on the old (Roku) are default. I  can connect the old streaming stick back up and it again plays 5.1 audio without a hitch. Any thoughts?

receiver is a  Denon AVR-3808CI

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Re: 5.1 audio not working on new streaming stick

Which two models of SS/SS+ do you have? (model #s)?

What are their respective software versions?

Also, its not clear how your sticks are connected (e.g. to TV then to AVR via Optical, or directly to the AVR) but either way your audio settings should be on "Auto" (both "HDMI" and "Audio mode"), and for complete compatibility with all streaming services, at least "DD+..." should be indicated with "Audio mode" - if it just shows "DD" then you'll be limited to 2.0 with almost all of the major services.

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