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5.1 Surround issues


I have Roku Premiere. I use a Vizio 4K TV and a Vizio 5.1 Sound bar. The Vizio TV has 2, 4K HDMI ports one is 60hz the other is 30Hz. I also have an AppleTV 4K. My Apple can play 5.1 Surround Audio whenever available in Netflix, Disney+ or any app while the Roku can not sound 5.1. I have changed the devices between the two 4K HDMI ports but still the Apple TV has  5.1 surround while the Roku does not. My Sound bar is connected to the TV through the HDMI ARC to the corresponding port on the TV. I am not using Optical cables. Any suggestion?

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Level 7

Re: 5.1 Surround issues

Seems to be common. I have 4 Roku devices including the premier and not one passes Dolby or DTS surround. Very disappointing. All docs says they do but I've been unable to get it to work. And it's not my gear as other sources work fine.

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