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5.1 PCM downmix format/decoding

So I just got the 4670R Ultra and realized my old receiver can't handle DD+, and the Roku won't transcode to DD. Very disappointed since I expect 5.1 for everything. However, does anyone know what format/codec is used to downmix the 5.1 tracks to stereo? I'm currently using Dolby PLII (cinema) to bring some semblance of 5.1 back, but dialog especially does not sound nearly as clear. I have DTS presets available as well. Thanks!
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Level 11

Re: 5.1 PCM downmix format/decoding

I think you're out of luck, unless, like my Yamaha receiver, you have a 7 channel stereo setting. I use that for any 2 channel sources and it fills all speakers.

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