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4K TV working for 1st time in 2 Years ! Hisense TV

Running Roku plus unit with the Hisense 4K TV could not ever get it to work in anything but 1080p mode because of HDCP 1.2 until this morning.

Reading in another thread about the:
HDMI Secret screen (HOME 5x /DOWN /LEFT/ UP 3x), revealed one 4K 30fps mode on my Hisense TV was supported.

Went into Video settings and forced this 4K 30 frame mode.

Results were paid 4K content like Amazon or Netflix plays beautifully Smiley Happy  non paid 4K will result in a purple HDCP screen.

Just thought many like me could benefit from this information.

PS: Absolutly strange what triggers the purple HDCP screen , mostly YouTube stuff with no rhyme or reason for the purple lock screen, You must use the home key to exit and reload YouTube to try next video, seems it is based on who uploaded the video as to the lock.

More Info: Have noticed a massive improvement in the quality of the video in this 4K mode vs 1080p for example on Pluto TV watching the WPT poker channel, during the flop the graphics would mess up on the cards when they were first placed face up, in this 4K mode the graphics never mess up!

Wish you Roku guys could make the unit to auto down shift to 1080P instead of the stupid purple lock screen.
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