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“4800R Sync” Some Spectrum Channels have a Sync Issue between Audio and Video on New Roku Ultra

Just set up my new LG CX77 OLED tv with a new Roku Ultra player streaming Spectrum TV.  I am finding some channels have a long sync delay between audio and video where the audio is at least 30 secs ahead of the video. I have tried all video and audio settings on my tv, theater system and Roku with no success. I have also used my theater system for the audio and the internal tv speakers with same problem. I have an older Roku Ultra (No Dolby Vision) on another tv (Samsung vintage not smart 2010 TV) with no sync issues on any Spectrum channel. I put this Roku Ultra on my new LG and all channels are fine. I then put my new Roku Ultra on the old Samsung and it has the same sync issues so the problem is an issue between  some Spectrum channels and the New Ultra streaming player. Both Roku’s are running the latest software.

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