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4640x with audio vs 4660x2 no audio

I have two Roku Ultra Players - Model 4640x, which I have had for awhile, and Model 4660x2, which I just purchased.

1.  Using the USB port on each of the Roku Players, I am playing an mkv file with video format: HEVC  and audio format: AC-3 Dolby Digital

2.  The audio settings on each of the Players is Audio Mode: Stereo  HDMI: PCM-Stereo  (I also disconnected and reconnected all cables to the Roku per Roku Support Instructions)

3.  With each Roku Player, I am using the same HDMI cable and the Same television with the Same HDMI port and other settings.

4.  I have good video with both Roku Players.  I have sound with the older Model 4640x Roku Ultra, but NO sound with the new 4660x2 Roku ultra.

Why would the OLDER 4640x player work correctly, but the NEW 4660x2 player FAIL to play audio?   Is there a solution?
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Re: 4640x with audio vs 4660x2 no audio

The 4640 has a Dolby Digital decoder, while the 4660 does not. If your video file has a version of Dolby Digital that your TV can't play, the 4660 can't convert it. For example, if your media has Dolby Digital+, your TV probably can't play it. Your TV can certainly play standard AC-3, so I would change your audio settings from Stereo-PCM to DD and try that. 
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