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4620/4630 - Sound Cuts Out

I arrived at this web site to search for and/or report a recent problem with two of my Roku units.  I did not know that the Premiere and Premiere+ models were reintroduced.  Of my  three most often used Roku units, my 4620X and 4630X older Premiere and Premiere+ units "coincidentally have this problem, and not my 3800RW Streaming Stick.  And the problem is this:  The sound cuts out during use.  The only way to get it back is to " System Restart" them.  The sound cuts out independently of each other; there is not a coordinated, simultaneous error.
I suspected a firmware (software) bug incorporated within the last update.  Having read about these new, reintroduced Premiere models, I suspect that whatever changes made to the software in order to optimize performance of the new models, somehow created an audio deficiency for the old models.  My two units both have the same system version:  8.1.0 - build 4159-29   (My stick:  v. 8.1.0 - build 4145-55; no problem here.)
I just arrived here at this web site, and will look for a discussion/report of this sound cut-out problem within the other topics.  But, since people are contrasting old vs. new Premiere units, I thought I'd mention my experience....
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Re: 4620/4630 - Sound Cuts Out

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