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4260x Premiere HDCP Error detected, intermittantly

4260x Premiere
s/n YT0047003760
8.1.0 build 4113.29
Last updated 5/25/2018
Auto detect connected 4k 60hz.
HDCP 2.2
This problem just began within the last 45-60 days.
Attempt to watch (either) Amazon Prime or DirectTVNow, and get the HDCP Error detected display, as shown here: ... le-screen-
I can go to the Roku Channel, begin watching a movie, and then return to (either) Amazon or DirectTVNow, and NOT  get that error display.
I've tried the steps supplied in the error screen, but the problem re-occurs the next evening.
A re-boot of the Roku will clear the trouble.
The 4260x will correctly auto detect the display and shows 4k 60hz.
The box did not used to have this problem until (I guess ?) a recent operating system update. Nothing else in the connections has been changed.
Suggestions ?
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Re: 4260x Premiere HDCP Error detected, intermittantly

I'm also using a Premiere and am seeing this error with the ESPN channel -- only during commercial break content. My TV is only 1080p.
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