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4210xb issues

I don’t have all the details at the moment(will update this evening), but my roku 2 4210xb is acting up. Since the 8.x update, about half the time when I switch inputs to it, the roku is outputting 480 resolution and the audio fails to play on Netflix. I haven’t checked other channels. I can see my avr searching for the audio signal but it fails to sync. If I force the audio to DD the audio will play.

Yesterday I tried a different solution by leaving the audio on auto, but forcing the video to 1080p. My theory was that the audio problem was a side effect that was caused by the video resolution being wrong... later when I came back to the roku, the video resolution was 1080p, but I couldn’t select a channel. I could mouse around just not select a channel. Then the roku spontaneously rebooted.

The roku is connected to an onkyo 656 with hdmi 2.0 cables, and hdmi switching. Testing the connection on the roku it says the display is 1080p (correct) and it’s hdmi 1.4 (also correct).

Might this be related to the problem where the roku doesn’t auto detect the resolution correctly?

Any other possible solutions ?
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Re: 4210xb issues

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