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3920X repeats same program, sometimes

I have two Rokus, one built in to a TCM TV and does not have this problem, the other is a standalone 3920X (I think they call it a "Premiere"). As far as I can tell what I'm about to describe on happens only on Sling, and only on MSNBC, and again, only on this one Roku device: If I come into my bedroom between 2am-3am and turn on the TV to MSNBC (after watching MSNBC on my living room TCM TV w/Roku), the program that is on starting at 2am, starts back from the beginning, no matter how far into the hour I am. In other words, if I turn it on at 2:20, it starts the program from 2am, right at the beginning. During that hour, no matter how many times I switch channels (other channels don't do this), or go back to the main menu or another program source, each time I go back to MSNBC, its starts the program over again. I don't think I have, nor do I use, any recording options. It will actually re-start the 2am program every time I go back to it, not ever showing it in real time (and here's the crazy part - sometimes this issue doesn't happen and it works perfectly). If I give up and wait til 3am, it will continue playing the 2am show, unless I go back to the main menu at 3am, re-select the channel (which is now a new program) then it will start that new program. Is this crazy? Last night, on its own, as I was getting started actually just before 2am, it started showing pieces of the program that runs at 1am, but kept jumping around to different parts of the program - first it was right at the beginning, then it jump to 15 minutes later, then back to the beginning. What the heck is going on? The only solution was to reset the Roku device by unplugging the power and starting over. I could do that from now on, but it seems a bit odd. Any ideas?

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